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March 12, 2021

Wandavision series finale review, JJ Talks "The Block", Skeletron Issue 2 review, MCU vs DC and Christian debuts in AEW!

Wandavision series finale review, JJ Talks
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Episode #21 is here and it's a huge one! We are joined this week by Lochlin Cross (95.7 Cruz FM Edmonton), Dean Blundell (DeanBlundell.com), Mike Pongracz (MP Voiceovers) and JJ Laborde (Unfiltered with JJ and Melanie/CBC's "The Block") to break down the series finale of Wandavision and offer our thoughts on the whole thing!

Plus, JJ discussed  "The Block on CBC, Chris released the 2nd issue of his comic book "Skeletron" and Mike breaks down the arrival of "Christian Cage" to AEW!