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April 23, 2021

"Stuff"-25 Years later (Mr. Machete)

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25 years ago our hosts Chris Machete and Brenton on Tour released an album with our band Mr. Machete called "Stuff." This week our former bandmate and co-founder DENT joins to reflect on the making of the album and all the fun leading into that amazing time in our lives. Plus, we are joined by some guests including Mike Bryant (Shadwell's Jacket/Nanochrist) who produced our first demo, Christen Latham our first superfan and avid supporter, Dale Harrison ( Former drummer of Headstones) who played on a few tracks and shared the stage when we opened for Headstones on many occasions and Marc Garniss (I Hate Sally/KPP Productions) who reflects on all the shows we played together.

Our band Mr.Machete shared the stage with Sum 41, Protest the Hero, I Mother Earth, Matthew Good, Headstones and more throughout our career. Our live shows and punk/metal mix influence had a small but mighty influence on the local Durham Region music scene of the mid 90's. Please enjoy this fun trip down memory lane with us and maybe just maybe we will have chance to release more new music down the road!